Biden admin demands Supreme Court authorize full access to abortion chemicals

April 13, 2023
World Net Daily

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After a federal judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, ruled that the Food and Drug Administration failed to evaluate the psychological or long-term medical consequences of abortion chemicals and took them off the market, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed his decision to suspend the availability of mifepristone.

But the appellate judges did allow to stand several minor restrictions on access to the chemical combination that kills unborn children.

And that, in the pro-abortion Biden administration, simply was wrong.

Officials went to the Supreme Court immediately with their demands that the abortion chemicals be freely available to anyone, without any significant limits.

Kamala Harris became the Biden mouthpiece on the issue on Thursday.

She claimed that the 5th Circuit ruling "invalidates the scientific, independent judgment of the FDA about when and how a medicine is available to Americans."

She claimed, "The Fifth Circuit’s decision – just like the district court's – second-guess the agency’s medical experts. If this decision stands, no medication – from chemotherapy drugs to asthma medicine, to blood pressure pills, to insulin – would be safe from attacks. This decision threatens the rights of Americans across the country, who can look in their medicine cabinets and find medication prescribed by a doctor because the FDA engaged in a process to determine the efficacy and safety of that medication."

She charged that the case is "the next step to a nationwide abortion ban."

Katie Daniel, the state policy chief for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, had another view.

"We are very encouraged by this landmark to win for women and girls. The court recognized that the abortion pill is dangerous and rolled back Biden’s reckless mail-order abortion scheme. We still believe it never should have been approved in the first place and we look forward to the Supreme Court hearing this case.

"The FDA has one job: safeguarding the lives and health of Americans. The evidence clearly shows their failure when it comes to the abortion pill. First, the FDA inappropriately fast-tracked this dangerous drug for approval without studying its effects in teenage girls. Then under the Obama and Biden administrations, they loosened one safety standard after another – finally approving mail-order abortion drugs and ignoring the critical importance of in-person doctor supervision – and stonewalled those who sought accountability."

She noted, "The rate of abortion pill-related emergency room visits have skyrocketed over 500% since it was approved, while the drug manufacturers have made a handsome profit – with investors reaping a 452% return on average."

The SBA statement explained the appeals court "wrote that the abortion lobby failed to show that the plaintiffs are unlikely to succeed on the merits of their timely challenges, and also failed to show that FDA’s actions were not arbitrary and capricious…FDA failed to 'examine the relevant data' when it made the 2016 Major REMS changes. That’s because FDA eliminated REMS safeguards based on studies that included those very safeguards."

Dr. Ingrid Skop, M.D., vice president and director of medical affairs at Charlotte Lozier Institute, pointed out the obvious, "Pregnancy is not an illness. Children are our future. These are things the vast majority of Americans agree on – except for the FDA, which ditched common sense, ignored its own rules, and bypassed important safeguards when approving the abortion pill…the FDA put politics ahead of science, putting women and girls at risk."

A former abortion business worker, Abby Johnson, recently described the horrors allowed by the chemical abortion process. One chemical kills the unborn child, and another causes the mother to expel the dead body.

"We’re talking about women going into pharmacies, requesting these very dangerous chemical abortion drugs, going home without any sort of medical supervision, taking these pills not really knowing what’s going to happen to their bodies, not really understanding what’s going to happen inside of their womb."

She continued, "And then these women have to make a decision, right – what do I do with this fully formed baby? What do I do with this child? Do I scoop this child up out of the toilet? Do I take this child to be buried? What do I do with it? Do I flush my child down the toilet?"

While the district judge had halted access to the suspect drug nationwide, the appeals court is allowing access to it, with restrictions. It now cannot be sent through the mail, and cannot be used beyond the seventh week of pregnancy.

Biden's administration said it was demanding immediately from the Supreme Court its intervention.

The case will land in front of Justice Samuel Alito, who is tasked to handle emergency matters from the New Orleans-based appeals court.

The lawsuit was brought by the pro-life Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine and others against the FDA.

But the 5th Circuit rejected government claims various medical organizations that brought the lawsuit didn’t have standing to sue, writing that “not only have these doctors suffered injuries in the past, but it’s also inevitable that at least one doctor in one of these associations will face a harm in the future.”

They also noted the pro-life organizations "might very well prevail" on their claims regarding the original approval of the deadly drug.

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