‘It’s dangerous’: Biden admin declares Cubans, Haitians fleeing by sea ‘will not enter’ US

Considering his administration’s lenient immigration policies, one recent decision by President Joe Biden has left many Americans on both sides of the aisle confused.

According to reports, the federal government has announced that it will turn away Cubans and Haitians who attempt to gain entry into the U.S. upon fleeing ongoing turmoil in their home countries.

“The time is never right”

The revelation came on Tuesday in a statement from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“Allow me to be clear: If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States,” he declared. “The time is never right to attempt migration by sea. To those who risk their lives doing so, this risk is not worth taking.”

Mayorkas went on to confirm that if such individuals arrive with “a well-founded fear of prosecution or torture” upon return to their home countries, “they are referred to third countries for resettlement” and “will not enter the United States.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki subsequently issued her own statement reiterating the administration’s position that “this is not the time to travel irregularly” in an attempt to enter the U.S.

“It’s dangerous,” she said. “People could lose their lives as they have in the past.”

“This is an outrage”

Both Cuba and Haiti are going through a tumultuous period amid intense anti-government protests and the aftermath of a presidential assassination, respectively. While it is unclear from available statistics how many Haitians and Cubans have attempted to flee their countries for America, Mayorkas insisted that there is no “surge.”

Records from the current fiscal year show the number of Haitians apprehended upon attempting to enter the U.S. by sea decreased slightly from the previous year. The number of Cubans apprehended at the border, however, has increased exponentially over the same period.

Americans might be confused by Biden’s harsh stance toward individuals from these nations after his administration has taken a decidedly more lenient policy along the U.S.-Mexico border.

For her part, Fox News Channel’s Judge Jeanine Pirro argued: “This is an outrage to the people of Cuba. They know if they come from Cuba, they will probably vote Republican, so they’ve got to stop them from coming in.”

As of this writing, the Biden administration had not responded to the growing criticism.

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