Biden admin admits detention of enemy combatants continues in war on terror

Despite his recent troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden appears to have no plans to begin a drawdown in the ongoing global war on terror.

Just over a month after a chaotic evacuation of U.S. military personnel from Afghanistan, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked the Biden administration how it could justify the continued detention of enemy combatants without a trial.

“We continue to be engaged in hostilities”

In its response, the White House made it clear that there were no plans underway to end the war on terror.

Although prior statements attempted to portray the president as responsible for bringing so-called forever wars to an end, the truth appears to be substantially different.

“Notwithstanding withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, we continue to be engaged in hostilities with al-Qaeda and therefore that detention under law of war remains proper,” read a Biden administration response to Kavanaugh’s query.

In fact, the Biden administration seems to have made things exponentially worse. Because of a botched pullout in Afghanistan, the Taliban now controls that country and critics say the militant group will provide a safe haven for terrorist organizations to plot future attacks.

As a result, the United States could be in more danger than at any point in the past two decades — even as Biden attempts to take credit for ending the Afghanistan war.

Biden’s unpopular policies

Kavanaugh is clearly determined to hold the current administration accountable, however, which could lead to new details about the Biden agenda being revealed.

For his part, Biden has offered no real objectives in the general pursuit of his foreign policy goals, seemingly suggesting that no such concrete objectives exist. Instead, critics worry that America will remain in a perpetual state of war as the defense industry continues to grow.

After 20 years in Afghanistan, arguably with nothing substantial to show for it, many Americans believe the time has come for the U.S. to change how it wages and engages in war.

That might not occur while Biden is in office, however, as he faces decreasing confidence from the American people.

Based in part on his Afghanistan policy, Biden’s approval rating continues to hit new lows with little sign of improvement in the near term.

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