Biden says action must be taken against guns: ‘I’ll ban assault weapons’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden reminded Americans on Sunday that, should he be elected, he is coming for their guns.

“It’s long past time we take action to end the scourge of gun violence in America,” Biden tweeted Sunday afternoon. “As president, I’ll ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, implement universal background checks, and enact other common-sense reforms to end our gun violence epidemic.”

Biden’s message only added fuel to a tweet from President Donald Trump earlier in the day: “Biden will repeal your Second Amendment and Pack the Court!”

The Biden plan

The Biden campaign’s official gun control plan is called, “The Biden Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic.”

Under that plan, Biden would ban the future manufacturing of AR-15s and other weapons that Democrats consider to be “assault weapons,” Breitbart reported. But, he doesn’t stop there.

There is also a provision in Biden’s plan that could require all AR-15 rifles to be registered under the National Firearms Act of 1934. This would require Americans to pay a $200 tax for each AR-15 that they own. According to Breitbart, this could amount to a $3.6 billion tax increase.

Assault rifles aren’t the only guns that Biden is targeting. Biden’s plan could also require owners of high-capacity magazines to either sell them back or register them under the NFA. If the latter, then Americans, again, would have to pay a $200 federal tax on each high-capacity magazine that they own.

Biden’s plan would further push for universal background checks, for state licensing, for a ban on the online sale of guns and ammunition, for a one-gun-a-month purchase limit, and more.

Stark contrast to Trump

After looking over Biden’s plan, the obvious question is “what will be left of the Second Amendment?” And the answer is “not much.”

Trump, however, has assured Americans throughout his campaign that he will protect their Second Amendment.

“So long as I am President, I will always protect your Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms,” Trump said during his most recent State of the Union address.

Trump has largely kept his promise, including appointing federal judges who will protect the Second Amendment and rescinding Obama-era regulations that put gun rights at risk.

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