Biden accuses Trump of ‘love affair’ with autocrats

President Donald Trump is waiting for all the facts before making an accusation — and Joe Biden is calling him out for it.

With Trump not ready to blame the Saudis for journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s death until the investigation has been completed, former Vice President Biden has accused the president of coddling “autocrats and dictators.”

Damned If You Do…

As usual, President Trump has found himself in a no-win situation.

The one thing the president has refused to do when it comes to foreign relations is jump the gun and make assumptions or accusations before all the facts are in.

This is important, because acting impulsively is something Democrats regularly accuse him of doing.

While there are no repercussions for Joe Biden making an early accusation, there are significant ramifications if the sitting president of the United States makes an accusation against another nation and it is found to be not true.

For his part, President Trump has already stated there will be “severe” repercussions if the Saudis are found to have committed the atrocity of murdering Khashoggi.

Easy for You to Say

Biden is clearly winding up for a presidential run in 2020.

If he does not run, it is a fairly safe assumption that most of the people in this country would be shocked.

What he is doing now is what most potential candidates do before a campaign, which is finding ways to find fault with their competition.

Biden is also twisting facts to suit his narrative, something Americans really need to take note of.

“I’m very worried that the president seems to have a love affair with autocrats,” Biden said. “And the idea that he is already making excuses before the facts are known is typical but it hurts us internationally.”

For the record, Trump is not making — and has not made — any excuses.

What he has done is say that he wants to wait until all the facts are in before making a move.

He has also said he is doing so because of the international ramifications of taking actions against Saudi Arabia.

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In this case, everyone would be served to hold their tongue until the facts of the case are made official.

If the Saudis are found to have orchestrated this disappearance, torture, and murder, there is little doubt President Trump will take appropriate action.

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