Biden accuser Tara Reade details her allegations in a new interview

Tara Reade, the woman who accuses President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her, just participated in an interview in which she went into detail about what Biden allegedly did to her. 

The interview took place on Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Today. Footage of the interview can be found here.


For those unfamiliar with Reade, she was an aide of Biden back in the early 1990s when Biden was a Democratic U.S. Senator from Delaware.

Reade previously alleged that, in 1993, in a corridor in the Senate office building, Biden put her up against the wall, assaulted her, and penetrated her with his fingers – all without Reade’s consent.

Reade made this allegation in March 2020 when Biden was running for the U.S. presidency. As for why she waited that long, Reade said that she attempted to report the incident at the time it happened and that she did tell several people about it, but no action was taken.

This has been corroborated by multiple individuals.

Biden, for his part, has denied any wrongdoing. And, thus far, he, with the help of the mainstream media and others, has managed to escape the sort of scrutiny that others facing similar allegations have faced.

The latest

Carlson, early this week, broadcasted part of a longer interview that he recently conducted with Reade. Here, Reade, once again, details the incident that she alleges occurred in 1993. But, before she got to that, she explained that Biden, even back then, wasn’t the same guy behind closed doors that he was before the public.

“Behind closed doors, he was very temperamental,” Reade said. “And, he would do this thing where he smiles when he is angry. It’s very disconcerting.”

Then, the footage turns to Reade and Carlson discussing the alleged assault. Reade recalls:

He had me up against a wall, and he penetrated me with his fingers against my will. It wasn’t just the assault, though. It was everything do with – here I am, this young staffer, and, he did this, and then, I made him angry, and that’s like someone that you don’t want to make angry – because I said “no.”

Reade then provided some more detail about what happened next. She told Carlson:

When it happened, he, at first, was like, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” And, I froze, and then, he got angry and that’s when he smiled – you know, that smile. And, that’s what was really jarring. And then, he said, he pointed his finger in my face and said, “You’re nothing. You’re nothing to me.” I must have had a certain look on my face, and he just took my shoulders and shook me said, “You’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine.” And then, he turned around and walked away.

Reade then goes on to describe how Biden “used his power and resources to silence me” and how Biden “took [her] future” all because she “didn’t want to sleep with some senator.”

Some irony

Carlson’s interview with Reade comes after Biden recently signed the Speak Out Act, which, according to National Law Review, “bans the use of pre-dispute non-disclosure and non-disparagement contract clauses involving sexual assault and sexual harassment.”

The irony, of course, is that Biden and the left have taken the opposite approach to Reade: they have worked to silence and discredit her.

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