Biden accidentally reveals one of his 2024 worries

U.S. President Joe Biden may have just unwittingly revealed his biggest concern heading into the 2024 presidential election, namely, that former President Donald Trump may be reelected. 

Biden, according to Fox News, made the revelation on Friday, during a speech that he gave at Union Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The speech was meant to focus on Biden’s newly-released budget proposal for the 2024 Fiscal Year. And, in conjunction with this, Biden was supposed to be trying to convince the American people of his administration’s success, particularly economically, during the first years of his administration.

But, as we will see, Biden’s speech was all over the place.

Biden’s slip

It came in the middle of his speech on Thursday.

Biden said:

You may remember, I was running for office at the time. But, you’ll maybe remember that I had a big fight with, uh, the former president, uh, and maybe future president.

Biden, here, said, “Bless me Father,” and he made the sign of the cross. As he was doing so, he received “boos” from the crowd for suggesting that Trump might be the “maybe future president.” This prompted Biden to state, “anyway, no.”

Take a look for yourself:

There’s more

It’s unclear what Biden was up to when he stated that Trump is the “maybe future president.” Perhaps, he was trying to make a joke. It’s not clear.

But, there is a good possibility that Biden and Trump will face off once again for the U.S. presidency in 2024, as Biden is leading the Democratic field and Trump is leading the Republican field in the polls. This is why some are suggesting that Biden, here, perhaps, let slip concerns he has about facing off against Trump again in 2024.

Whatever the case may be, as stated earlier, Biden was all over the road in his speech on Thursday. At one point, he even said “As you can tell, I’ve only been around a few years — like 400.” Biden may have been joking here, but polls have consistently shown that this is a significant concern for voters.

Biden, during the speech, also once again absurdly tried to claim that “MAGA Republicans” are trying to take away Americans’ Social Security and Medicare benefits.

If Thursday’s speech tells us anything it is that Biden should have concerns about possibly facing Trump again in 2024. This time, with the COVID pandemic in the rearview, it’s going to be harder for Biden to employ his infamous basement strategy.

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