Former White House stenographer says Biden is ‘a different guy than he was’

A White House stenographer who worked with former Vice President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that in his eyes, the now-Democratic presidential hopeful isn’t the man he used to be.

According to the Washington Examiner, Mike McCormick spoke with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Tuesday, where he said that Biden seemed to be “a shell of his former self” at the Democrats’ recent national convention.

“That’s not Joe Biden,” McCormick said, according to the Examiner. “That’s a shell of his former self.”

McCormick added: “Joe Biden is a different guy than he was. He doesn’t have the same vitality. I listened to every word Joe Biden spoke.”

“He’s never done that”

McCormick served in the White House as a stenographer under three separate administrations over 15 years, from George W. Bush through Barack Obama’s years to the first year of President Donald Trump’s tenure, the Daily Caller reported. He is also the author of a biography about Biden titled Joe Biden Unauthorized.

Indeed, McCormick is uniquely qualified to comment on Biden’s apparent cognitive decline, which even voters have taken notice of.

“When I saw him do his speech at the Democratic National Convention, that wasn’t the Joe Biden I knew,” McCormick told Ingraham, according to the Washington Examiner. “That guy was reading from a teleprompter, and it was almost verbatim, and he’s never done that.

“Joe Biden would never read from a teleprompter,” the former White House stenographer added, as the Daily Caller reported. “He’s the guy that would walk out, take his speech and make a big joke about how his speechwriters worked all night on the speech and he would throw it away in the air and then just say ‘I’m going to tell you what I know, what I think’ from his heart or from his gut.”

“A shell of his former self”

Sadly, McCormick says Biden “doesn’t have that heart or his gut anymore.”

“He’s trying to work as Joe Biden off the teleprompter and that’s not Joe Biden, that’s a shell of his former self,” he concluded, according to the Daily Caller.

Take a look at a clip of McCormick’s interview, as shared by the Washington Examiner:

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