Biden $80 million program to track illegals now forbidden from using GPS!

The Biden administration has agreed to spend $80 million on a contract that provides for tracking of illegal aliens after they are released into the United States.

But it specifically bans the use of GPS, a technology that makes tracking locations very easy.

A new report from the Washington Free Beacon said that decision – to ban the use of GPS tech – was deemed by experts to make it “impossible” to track them.

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“The system, according to government records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, is meant to track illegal immigrants via monthly check-ins via phone. Migrants released into the U.S. interior aged 18-19 are eligible for the program. Any GPS monitoring that would give exact locations, such as ankle monitor tracking, is explicitly forbidden, according to the contract,” the report explained.

That provision actually contradicts the Biden administration’s claims that the federal government is spending its money on “sophisticated monitoring programs for illegal immigrants,” the report said.

“When Republican lawmakers criticized the White House over reports in April that immigration authorities were providing cell phones for illegal immigrants upon their release into the United States, the White House defended the conduct, saying the phones assist the government in monitoring the location of illegal immigrants.”

The White House press secretary claimed, “We need to take steps to ensure that we know where individuals are and we can track and we can check in with them.”

The deal is with Acuity International and the first payment of about $16 million already has been paid. The contract total is $79.5 million.

The report explained, “Caliburn International rebranded as Acuity International in 2021,” and that likely was because under the Caliburn name it had run a shelter for child migrants that was targeted with criticism from Democrats in Congress.

Now, the new program essentially lets illegals roam the nation before their court date under the title of “Alternatives to Detention.”

The Free Beacon said Biden dramatically has expanded the release programs for illegals, and the government is using private contractors more and more because of the sheer number – estimated at about four million – who have come in under Biden’s open borders practices.

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