Biden warned in 2007 that weapons abandoned in Afghanistan would eventually be used against Americans

October 12, 2023
Ben Marquis

When President Joe Biden chaotically withdrew all U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, leaving behind billions of taxpayer dollars worth of equipment and weaponry for the Taliban to seize, pretty much everyone other than Biden's most ardent defenders realized those American weapons could eventually be utilized against the American people and their allies.

Incredibly, as a recently unearthed older video clip shows, Biden himself fully comprehended the concept that abandoned U.S. weapons in Afghanistan could someday be turned against us and others, the Daily Wire reported.

As it turned out, multiple reports over the past year have revealed to be true exactly what had been predicted by some, including Biden years earlier -- that U.S. weapons left to be seized by the Taliban have since turned up in other conflict zones and been used against American allies, and just recently, potentially even against some American citizens.

Biden previously warned that weapons left in Afghanistan would "someday" be turned against us

In 2007, when then-Sen. Biden (D-DE) was still seeking the 2008 Democratic nomination prior to being picked as Barack Obama's running mate, he rather presciently warned of what would occur if the U.S. were to abruptly withdraw from Afghanistan and leave behind its military equipment and weaponry.

Addressing the mounting concerns of some even then that the war in Afghanistan had dragged on for too long and it was time to bring U.S. troops home, Biden proclaimed, "It will take a year to get the American troops out. Do you hear me now? That’s the truth. It will take a year to get them physically out."

"Now, if you leave all the equipment behind, you might be able to do it in seven months," he continued before adding a rather stark warning that has turned out to be true. Biden said, "You leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind, I promise, they’re going to be used against your grandchild and mine someday."

U.S. weapons from Afghanistan turning up in other conflict zones

It has been estimated by a special Pentagon watchdog that more than $7 billion worth of equipment and weaponry -- ranging from aircraft and armored vehicles to heavy weapons and small arms -- were left behind for the Taliban to seize control of during President Biden's hasty retreat from Afghanistan in August 2021.

In January 2023, NBC News reported that U.S.-made M-4 and M-16 rifles that had been left in Afghanistan were being used by Pakistani militants and terrorist groups operating in the disputed region of Kashmir, according to allied Indian officials.

Unfortunately, that is not the only conflict where U.S.-made weapons have been seen being used by America's enemies, as Newsweek reported in June 2023 that Israeli officials were reporting the presence of American-made rifles in the possession of Hamas in Gaza.

That revelation was actually buried deep in an article that was largely otherwise concerned about the very real and already occurring risk of U.S. weapons delivered to Ukraine being smuggled out of that war-torn nation by both sides -- corruptly sold for profit by Ukrainians or captured and smuggled out to Iran by Russians -- just as some had predicted would occur.

And now, according to a damning op-ed from the National Shooting Sports Foundation that shredded President Biden for his hypocrisy on gun control, there are multiple reports and videos that strongly suggest that Hamas made full use of American-made select-fire M-4 and M-16 rifles in their murderous incursion into Israel over the weekend.

How many Americans killed by Hamas in Israel were murdered with U.S. weapons?

According to The Hill, it is currently estimated that at least 27 American citizens were killed by Hamas terrorists, with at least another 14 Americans unaccounted for, who may be dead and as-yet undiscovered or could have been taken hostage by the radical Islamist militants.

How many of those innocent Americans were killed or captured by barbaric terrorists wielding U.S.-made rifles left behind in Afghanistan -- or were smuggled out of Ukraine -- is a question that may never be fully answered.

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