'Beyond disgusting': X-rated image OK for students, but not board meeting!

October 25, 2023
World Net Daily

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Images of a nude man and woman, engaged in "fondling" and "stripping off clothes in heated passion," apparently are just fine for students at schools in Tampa, Florida.

But they are not allowed to be shown to school board members at a meeting, as school officials directed a police officer to confiscate them from an irate parent protesting pornography delivered to children in the schools.

It's according to a report in the Florida Standard.

The confrontation developed just days ago when Julie Gebhards brought an image from the pages of a library book, called "Blankets," to the board meeting. Another parent had asked the board to remove the book, but a school committee unanimously ruled it should be available to children.

Gebhards, at the board meeting, "gave an explicit content warning to allow any children present to exit the room before she began," the report said.

"Today I would like to specifically talk about the 15-page bedroom scene that was addressed in that book challenge,” she said. “It includes erection, breast fondling, biting, tasting, oral copulation, stripping off clothes in heated passion, 22 images of the aroused couple, 10 images of her naked breasts," she charged.

She continued, describing other offending imagery, calling it "shameful, base and degrading."

She then displayed an image, from the book, of a "naked man and a naked woman engaging in sexual acts together," the report said.

Immediately, a police officer grabbed the display from her, the report said.

The board chairman then called for the "next speaker."

On social media, one commenter said the situation was "beyond disgusting."

"If you can’t show a display, how are they supposed to know the horrible things in the libraries? I just cannot understand," that person said.

Alicia Farrant, a school board member in Orange County Schools, chimed in with, "Wow! Unbelievable!! Remove the entire board. They don’t have any children’s best interest at heart if they are OK with porn in schools!"

A report at The Blaze noted the offending material came from the book by Craig Thompson, "which features sexually explicit images and passages."

The report noted that Gebhards previously had addressed the claim that parents simply want to "ban books."

"Let's be clear. It’s intellectually dishonest to suggest that parents are banning books. Labeling parents' attempts to protect their children from the graphically sexually explicit content that I’ve read to you, again and again, at these board meetings, labeling this as ‘book banning’ may be politically acceptable, but again, it’s intellectually dishonest to do so," she said.

The New York Post described Gebhards as "shaken" when she was confronted by the police officer.

The report said Gebhards appeared startled by the physical intervention by police.

"Florida law allows parents to formally challenge books that are made available to students, but those objections are then accepted or rejected by school administrators," the report explained.

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