Report: Beverly Hills votes to support recall effort against Soros-backed district attorney

Progressive billionaire George Soros has helped fund the successful election campaigns of numerous left-leaning district attorneys whose policies have only helped fuel crime across the country.

Now, even some in one of the most Democratic parts of the country are fed up with their DA’s antics. According to the Washington ExaminerBeverly Hills, California just joined a growing movement to recall Soros-backed Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.

The city council that governs Beverly Hills — where roughly 71% of residents are registered Democrats — voted unanimously on Tuesday in support of the county-wide effort to recall Gascon. According to the Examiner, the move came after some 80 members of the public pleaded with them to do so in the face of increasing crime in the city.

“Increase in widespread crime”

According to a press release, the five-member city council conducted a hearing on the recall after Beverly Hills Mayor Bob Wunderlich and Vice Mayor Lili Bosse asked them to take the matter under consideration.

The vote came amid a “dramatic increase in widespread crime,” the release said, such as “follow-home” robberies of individuals and “smash-and-grab” incidents involving mobs ransacking retail stores, not to mention the shocking murder of a beloved elderly celebrity philanthropist in a botched home burglary.

The city council also highlighted three specific directives issued by Gascon that prompted concerns, including his “Pretrial Release Policy,” which essentially eliminates cash bail for all but the most serious violent crimes, and a policy of refusing to apply “Sentencing Enhancements/Allegations” — such as the “Three Strikes” law — that help ensure violent offenders get sufficient sentences behind bars.

Another recall effort

The local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles reported on Dec. 6 that a new recall effort was launched against Gascon after an initial petition earlier in the year fell well short of the number of signatures needed — roughly 10% of the county’s voters — in order to get on a ballot.

This time around, the effort is reportedly well-funded and organized, and as crime has continued to surge, it appears to have more support — particularly considering that at least 31 cities within L.A. County have now passed “no confidence” votes with regard to Gascon’s continued service as a prosecutor.

The effort also has the backing of a growing number of law enforcement officials in the county, including Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, an old-school Democrat who has grown disgusted by the outcomes of Gascon’s progressive policies.

Gascon blames “Trump backers”

Of course, Gascon doesn’t intend to go quietly. The Washington Examiner reported in December that the embattled DA filed a rebuttal against the new recall effort — one that seemed to cast blame on supporters of former President Donald Trump and conservative TV network Fox News.

“California DOES NOT NEED another political recall attempt sponsored by Donald Trump backers and frequent Fox News guests,” Gascon said in the rebuttal, according to the Examiner. “This is not about keeping Angelenos safe, it’s about a political power grab by well-funded political operatives who have fought reforms — on juvenile detention, mental health treatment, police accountability in fatal police shootings, and the death penalty — for decades.

“Do not fall for this right-wing attempt,” he added. “Do not sign this petition. Los Angeles needs to move forward as a safer and less divided community where we focus on preventing crime to keep people safe — not react with political fearmongering or cable news ratings grabs.”

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