Betsy DeVos breaks pelvis, hip socket in bicycle accident

Cycling accidents and politicians seem to be the norm lately.

Only weeks after a California mayor collided with a vehicle while riding his bicycle, it has now been reported Education Secretary Betsy DeVos also recently suffered serious injuries while cycling.

Nasty Accident

While the full details of the accident have not been revealed, it is quite clear it was a very serious accident.

DeVos, who is 61-years-old, suffered a broken pelvis and hip socket while road cycling.

She recently underwent surgery for the injury.

The injury apparently initially happened on January 4, but her office kept it quiet.

When DeVos showed up for a recent appearance in a wheelchair, she drew more than a few curious stares.

DeVos is expected to make a full recovery, though she described it as “very painful.”

“But it will heal,” she said while speaking at an entrepreneurship event in Washington. “I just have to stay off of it for quite a few weeks, so I’m getting around with other means.”

Cycling Accidents a Real Problem in the United States

More people than you would think are killed or injured every year while riding their bike.

There has been an obvious emphasis in recent years to create bike-friendly cities, but the danger is still high.

In 2015, more than 800 cyclists were killed in bike vs. car accidents.

In all, there were roughly 45,000 accidents reported involving cyclists that year.

While efforts have been made to provide safer riding areas for cyclists, there are still far too many drivers who simply do not pay enough attention to cyclists on the road or don’t respect the bike lanes.

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Today, we have far more people commuting to work in big cities via bicycle, so these numbers are not likely to make a downswing any time soon.

Hopefully, DeVos’s injury creates more awareness and our local politicians begin to seriously address an issue that seems to be getting worse every year.

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