Bernie Sanders touts advantages of ‘being old’

2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders has been taking considerable heat for his age, especially after his recent heart attack.

Now, in an effort to counter those concerns, Sanders is choosing to ask Democrat voters to ignore the problems associated with his advanced age. “There are advantages to being old,” he said, according to Breitbart.

More Health Concerns for Bernie

There were health concerns in 2016 about Bernie Sanders, and those concerns have only grown more pressing now that he is 78 years old.

The fact that Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack during a Nevada appearance this month has not helped his case.

Sanders missed about a week on the campaign trail, but then showed up to the last debate as though nothing had happened.

With so many questions, Sanders now seems to be trying to flip the script by saying his experience is far more valuable than anyone else’s in the race, and that is his edge.

Experience Counts

To stress how important his experience is in this race, Sanders stated: “The ideas that I am fighting for now didn’t come to me yesterday. I’ve been on more picket lines, I expect than all my opponents combined over the last 30 years.”

That may be true, but most Americans want to be assured that the person they are voting for will be able to fulfill his or her entire term in office.

Sanders, if he somehow managed to win this election, would be in his early and mid-80s during his presidency, making him the oldest president to ever hold the office.

Former President Jimmy Carter recently said there is no way he would have been able to handle the demands of the Oval Office in his 80s, according to The Washington Examiner.

Being a president demands four straight years of 20-hour workdays with a stress level nobody but former presidents can possibly understand. The people supporting Sanders right now don’t really seem to be worried about his age, though, because they are more excited about all the freebies he is offering — something that was very evident during his rally.

The crowd grew extremely excited when there was talk of eliminating student debt and hiking up the minimum wage to a level that will kill most small businesses.

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