Bernie Sanders used N-word in 2015 book ‘Outsider in the White House’

2020 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders used uncensored racial epithets in his book “Outsider in the White House.”

The shocking quotes were published by The Daily Caller News Foundation, which reviewed a copy of the book.

Was that really necessary?

Sanders originally wrote the book in 1997, titled “Outsider in the House” about his career in politics as a socialist, which was updated and republished in 2015.

Sanders used the uncensored N-word in both versions, according to the Caller.

In the book, Sanders wrote: [Censoring added by Patriot News Alerts]

For a hundred years, the white workers of the South were the most exploited white workers in America. They were paid the lowest wages, they endured the worst working conditions, their housing was abysmal, their kids went to the most backward schools, and very few could send their children to college. But what did they have? They were given ‘n******’ to hate and look down on, ‘n******’ who couldn’t vote, drink at their water fountains, use the same bathrooms, or sit up front in the buses or movie theaters.

The Sanders campaign pushed back by pointing out that “critiquing racism is not racism.” That is fair.

Nonetheless, even in a critique of racism, there is no need to include that derogatory term without censoring it.

70% of Americans believe that it is never ok for white people to use the N-word — clearly, Sanders is in the minority here.

But instead of apologizing, Sanders is hoping it will disappear.

Add it to the list

Of course, stirring up controversy is nothing new for Sanders. Just this week, the aging socialist shocked viewers by saying that he would support population control — apparently including abortion — in “poor countries around the world” as a way of fighting climate change.

The implications of Sanders’ statements were unacceptable, to say the least. “Sanders’s formulation smacks of population control by limiting nonwhite births,” Jennifer Rubin wrote in The Washington Post.

The left would condemn such words from any of his opponents, and Sanders should be held to the same standard.

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