Bernie Sanders campaign slapped with complaint about unfair labor practices

The problems for Bernie Sanders’ campaign are mounting.

On July 19, a complaint was filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against Sanders and his campaign, the Daily Wire reported.

Bad optics

Whether anything will actually come from this complaint or not remains to be seen, but it represents very bad optics for Sanders, who had just put to rest a scandal over low hourly rates when news of this complaint hit.

Several workers had gone public against the Sanders campaign stating that due to longer hours, their negotiated salary of $15 per hour was more like $13 per hour.

Sanders exacerbated the situation by cutting employee hours rather than paying them more money.

Then, Sanders switched gears and reached a settlement with the union to give the workers the money they’d been asking for all along.

Charges filed

The complaint that was filed cites incidents that would have taken place right in the middle of the aforementioned dispute.

Per the NLRB website, the allegations made against the Sanders campaign include improper discipline, wrongful discharge, and unfair modification of a contract, among other charges.

Based on how Sanders and his campaign manager reacted to the initial media leak, these allegations are very believable. However, we still don’t know if the complaint is legitimate.

Anyone can file a labor complaint — even someone that does not work for the campaign.

Until the NLRB actually investigates the claim, we have no idea of knowing just how detrimental to Bernie this is going to be.

As conservatives, we hope the complaint is legit and not some extremist trying to take Bernie, down because if it is found to be fraudulent, it is just going to give Sanders more fodder to use against Trump and his supporters during the election season.

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