Bernie Sanders skirts question on ‘maximum wage cap’ policy

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a top contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, has long been an openly avowed socialist — and now, some of his old, pro-government positions are being rehashed as an increasingly desperate Democratic establishment seeks to blunt his momentum with voters.

The most recent example of such came on Sunday when, according to the Daily Wire, CNN’s Jake Tapper confronted Sanders over remarks he made in 1974 advocating for imposing a “maximum wage cap.” But in one of his most notable campaign blunders yet, Sanders countered Tapper’s question by pivoting away, refusing to give a direct answer.

“Did you go back to my third-grade essay?”

“Our investigative Kfile team found that early in your political career, way back in 1974, you said that it should be illegal to earn more money than someone could spend in his or her lifetime. You proposed a maximum wage cap on the highest earners,” Tapper began, speaking to the 2020 hopeful.

“What year was that?” Sanders replied. After Tapper noted that it was about 45 years ago, the senator sneered, “Jake, in all due respect, that was seven years before I was elected. Did you go back to my third-grade essay when I was in P.S. 197 about what I said?”

Tapper noted that Sanders was a “grown man,” in his 30s, at the time the statement was made, but Sanders shot back: “Yeah, but that was 50 years ago. Let’s talk about my mayor’s record where I was a transformative mayor, re-elected three times. You know, we can go back to things that I said in the ’70s. I don’t think it’s productive.

“I’ve been a senator for 14 years, a congressman for 16 years — but here’s the bottom line. This is what I do believe,” Sanders continued, according to the Daily Wire. “When you have three people who own more wealth than the bottom half of America; when half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck; when 500,000 Americans are sleeping out in the street — yes, the rich have gotta pay, and the large corporations have gotta pay their fair share of taxes. We will raise taxes very substantially on billionaires. No apologies for that.”

“That’s the only question”

Apparently undeterred, Tapper pressed the issue. “But you do not favor a wage cap as you once proposed? That’s the only question,” he said.

Sanders, however, persisted in dancing around the question, instead pivoting to an attack on President Donald Trump’s record in office.

“50 years ago, mmmm,” the senator replied. “Look, what I just said is when you have massive levels of income and wealth inequality — by the way, in the last three years under Trump, the billionaire class has seen an — hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars increase in their wealth. The average American worker has seen less than a 1% increase in real wages last year… That’s the issue that we’ve got to deal with right now.”

Of course, Sen. Sanders could have easily said directly that he no longer supports the radically Marxist proposition of placing a cap on wage earners to limit wealth accumulation — but he distinctly did not, which leaves that door wide open.

Only time will tell how that socialist stance fares with American voters.

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