Bernie Sanders’ former Press Secretary – and Trump enemy – detained at airport by police

The Democrat machine is falling apart at the seams.

Symone Sanders, Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ former press secretary, was reportedly detained at LaGuardia airport by local police.


As usual, a high-profile Democrat is expecting special treatment.

Anyone that has flown knows you can be pulled out of line randomly and searched by TSA agents.

This happens to people of all races, creeds, and color.

But, when this happened to Symone Sanders, she threw a hissy fit.

Rather than complying with the TSA agents, she started to make a scene.

According to witnesses, she refused to get out of line.

But it gets much better…

With children in the near vicinity, Sanders let loose a rant that would have embarrassed Stormy Daniels!

For her tirade, Ms. Sanders has been charged with disorderly conduct.

She was also issued a criminal summons.

My Way or the Highway

This kind of behavior from Democrats is something we should all be used to by now.

During the election, we saw liberals holding fits whenever they did not get their way.

The problems is they simply take any accountability for their own actions.

Hillary, in fact, is STILL making excuses for losing the election rather than looking at the person in the mirror.

Bernie Sanders was on his high horse during the entire primary.

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How do you think he will feel about his own press secretary using foul language in front of children at an airport?

My guess is that we will never hear a word out of his mouth about it.

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