Bernie Sanders’ campaign fined $14,000 for accepting illegal foreign campaign contributions

Well, well, well, another Democrat gets caught doing something illegal, and this time it is a VERY big fish.

Bernie Sanders, the man who touted himself as the candidate people could truly trust, was found guilty of accepting an illegal campaign contribution from a foreign political party.

Foreign Influence

Sanders was supposed to be the candidate above corruption.

He claimed he was not taking money from big ticket donors and was truly for the people.

However, when some of his campaign workers were caught tearing down Trump signs, it opened up a Pandora’s Box for Sanders.

You see, the volunteers were supplied to Sanders by the Australian Labor Party.

The foreign party covered the flight and daily stipend of the “volunteers,” making it an in-kind donation.

The Federal Election Commission fined Sanders $14,000 for the violation.

The ALP was also fined the same amount.

We Didn’t Do It

While agreeing to the fine, the Sanders campaign, of course, insists it did nothing wrong.

According to Sanders, these volunteers were not treated any differently than any other volunteer working for the campaign.

His camp also stated they “did not believe” the stipend being paid to the workers by the ALP was a campaign violation.

If you are running for president, wouldn’t it be prudent to actually look into this rather than assume it would not be a violation?

His spokesperson also stated, “In order to avoid a long and expensive fight with the FEC over the technical status of these young people, the campaign agreed to pay the FEC a small settlement but did not agree that it broke any rules.”

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The sad thing here is the FEC did not dig deeper to actually tie the Australian government to the donation.

This was clearly the Australians using an unofficial arm of the party to gain influence with a presidential candidate.

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