After meeting with Mike Pence, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu grounded when plane breaks down in Poland

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, had an unexpected stop after meeting with Vice President Mike Pence.

Netanyahu’s plane had some unexpected problems, so the Israeli PM and his delegation were forced to stay in Poland overnight.

Poland Meeting

The U.S. vice president was in Poland with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for a meeting with world leaders to address the Middle East.

Netanyahu and his delegation were also there.

During the conference, Pence called on leaders of other countries to take a much harsher stance against Iran. He even requested that our allies pull out of the Iran nuclear deal to put a stranglehold on the terrorism-ridden nation.

Pence was also very critical allies who have actually found ways to circumvent the sanctions put on Iran. Their shady dealings have rendered the stranglehold the United States was hoping to put on Iran less effective.

Pence also made it a point to tell everyone on a world stage that Israel is, has been, and will continue to be one of America’s most cherished allies.

Our vice president also addressed the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the meeting.

Airplane Problems

While the conference was largely a success for the U.S.-backed nation of Israel, the return flight wasn’t as great for their leader.

Travel problems are apparently a “thing” for Netanyahu.

Indeed, unlike most world leaders and representatives, Israel does not have its own plane for trips such as this. As such, the entire delegation was flying on an El Al plane.

After the problems were detected, Netanyahu and his delegation had to deplane and ended up spending an additional night in Warsaw.

Another plane was dispatched to pick up the Netanyahu delegation the next day.

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