Ben Shapiro announces plans to produce conservative-friendly entertainment content

Ben Shapiro has become a major star in conservative media over the past several years, in large part due to the success of his news and opinion website, the Daily Wire.

Now, the company is reportedly looking forward to entering another arena in the new year: the entertainment industry.

“Downstream of culture”

Shapiro explained the shift in focus as part of a lengthy article plotting a course to include an expanding realm of television shows, movies, and other projects geared toward right-wing audiences.

The 36-year-old cited his mentor, the late Andrew Breitbart, as a driving force behind his drive to take on this ambitious new project.

Shapiro noted Breitbart’s belief that politics is “downstream of culture,” meaning that entertainment can be a major factor in the nation’s future political course.

He went on to suggest that conservatives have fallen short in a cultural battle playing out in American society every day. While many on the right express disagreement with the values expressed in many shows, songs, or films, they often find themselves consuming much of the same content produced by leftist-dominated Hollywood studios.

According to Shapiro, that phenomenon is largely due to the dearth of conservative-friendly cultural content capable of reaching widespread audiences.

“They can find alternatives”

“So conservatives have two choices: they can tune out, or they can find alternatives,” he added, going on to paint a portrait of his plans.

Shapiro described a desire to use his expanding platform and ample resources to create a range of content that “is edgy and entertaining and awesome, but that doesn’t actively work to undermine the very values that have made this country exceptional.”

Acknowledging that the monumental undertaking will doubtlessly take some time to come to fruition, he was nonetheless optimistic about the possibilities.

“We’re going to be bringing out movies — edgy, entertaining, awesome movies that won’t mock your values,” he wrote. “We’re going to be producing TV shows — comedies and dramas that take you seriously, and that don’t take advantage of your viewership to promote Leftist causes.”

Hollywood liberals have taken aim at Shapiro in the past, as evidenced in 2018 when actor Mark Duplass was pressured into deleting and apologizing for a tweet praising the conservative writer as a good-intentioned and “genuine person.”

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