Ben Carson credits monoclonal antibody treatment for recovery from coronavirus: ‘I was extremely sick’

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson spoke out on Friday about his experience with the coronavirus, saying that he was “desperately ill” and that the same kind of treatment President Donald Trump credited with his quick recovery from the virus likely saved his life, The Hill reported.

Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon, wrote in a Facebook post that he took Oleander 4X, a homeopathic remedy, during the initial stages of the infection, but that his condition eventually worsened after appearing to get better.

“I was extremely sick and initially took Oleander 4X with dramatic improvement. However, I have several co-morbidities and after a brief period when I only experienced minor discomfort, the symptoms accelerated and I became desperately ill,” Carson wrote.

Trump steps in

Carson said that the president then arranged for him to receive the monoclonal antibody treatment that Trump had taken during his bout with the coronavirus.

“President Trump was following my condition and cleared me for the monoclonal antibody therapy that he had previously received, which I am convinced saved my life,” Carson wrote.

It isn’t clear whether Carson received the same treatment from Regeneron that Trump took, or whether it was another version of the same treatment.

Bamlanivimab, Eli Lilly’s monoclonal antibody therapy, was approved by the FDA last week for emergency use, but the Regeneron treatment has not yet been approved even though the company applied for FDA approval in October, Newsmax reported.

“Promising treatments”

Carson acknowledged that not everyone could get the same level of health care that he received and said testing and distributing promising treatments for the American people must be a priority.

“There are a number of promising treatments that need to be tested, approved, and distributed (sooner rather than later) so that the economy can be re-opened and we can all return to a semblance of normalcy,” Carson said.

“We must prioritize getting comparable treatments and care to everyone as soon as possible,” he added.

Carson also encouraged people to trust an eventual vaccine. “There are a number of defined steps that legally have to be taken before vaccines are released to the public and trying to cause alarm by saying dangerous shortcuts were taken only serves to stoke fear,” he warned.

“Together we will be victorious. God is still in charge,” he concluded.

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