Ben Carson wants people with free public housing to pay their fair share

Another huge move was just made by the Trump administration to kick the freeloaders off the American taxpayers’ dime.

Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, announced a significant raise in how much lower income families will now have to pay towards their monthly rent.

The Increase

Hard-working Americans told Trump they were fed up with freeloaders taking advantage of the system during the election.

One of his promises was to make sure there were opportunities for everyone, but no more free rides.

Taking yet another step in delivering on that promise is a rental increase for families receiving federal housing assistance money.

Now, instead of paying a maximum of 30 percent of their adjusted income, they will be required to pay 35 percent of their gross income.

The new regulations would also increase those paying a mere $50 per month rent to now pay $150.

Who It Impacts

These reforms are not going to impact the elderly or those that are physically unable to work.

The administration is specifically going after able-bodied lazy Americans that are of working age but not out there actually trying to earn a living.

Of the 4.7 million people currently on federal assistance, it is estimated that half of them would be impacted by the new regulations.

Think about that…

Every four months, we would now be saving $1 billion!

Democrat Pushback

Democrats are already up in arms and it is unlikely this proposal will get any support from the left.

They continue to push the narrative people should be getting something for nothing rather than working for it.

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Rather than encourage those in poverty to take advantage of all the new jobs that have been created, Democrats just want to keep handing them taxpayer money to live off.

This, of course, makes it all that more important that conservatives get out and vote come mid-term elections.

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