Behar’s latest on-air rant warns of ‘the end of democracy’ if Trump is re-elected

Although ideologically driven diatribes have become par for the course on ABC’s The View, one recent on-air outburst by co-host Joy Behar still stood out as noteworthy.

As reported by Breitbart, the far-left comedian predicted that a second term for President Donald Trump would bring about “the end of democracy.”

“How insane everybody is”

Her hyperbolic remarks came during a panel discussion on Thursday regarding the competing town hall events planned for both Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden later that evening.

“It’s so insane out there,” Behar said. “I mean, you watch TV, and you see how insane everybody is.”

She went on to incorrectly predict that the highest ratings of the night would “probably go to the stable genius.”

Behar ridiculed the president, asserting that “people prefer to watch a train wreck rather than watch, you know, say, a course in civics,” asserting that even a wide audience for Trump “doesn’t mean the ratings will translate to votes.”

Another broad claim was that “NBC is all in for Trump,” which she based on the fact that the network agreed to host the campaign town hall even after Biden’s had been confirmed on ABC.

“People should not get complacent”

Of course, given the steady stream of pointed questions delivered by NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie, few viewers would conclude that the company is in the tank for Trump.

Moving on to her most startling prediction, Behar began by expressing a nagging concern she has about the upcoming election results.

“I just want to make one small point about the fact that I am worried about this election now,” she said. “It looks like Biden’s going to pull it off, but people should not get complacent.”

She continued her recitation of allegations, including a reference to “unauthorized ballot boxes” being promoted by GOP officials and Trump’s supposed instruction to “his militias to, you know, stalk people at the polling booths, intimidate the voting.”

Of course, nothing Behar says about the president should come as a shock to those who witnessed her call him a “domestic terrorist” on the air earlier this year.

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