Joy Behar suggests Orrin Hatch ‘needs to go to jail, too’ for supporting Trump

Joy Behar of The View has once again made it clear that if you don’t agree with her, you are wrong, period.

After hearing comments made by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) in support of President Donald Trump, Behar suggested Hatch should be going to jail for supporting Trump and not believing the Democrat’s narrative.

Send Him to Jail

Sadly, Behar was once again cherry picking a quote without telling the entire story.

Behar was apparently referring to an interview Hatch did with CNN earlier in the week.

After hearing Hatch’s comments, Behar stated, “[Hatch] is going out of office. He has nothing to lose by speaking, against, truth to power about Trump.”

“Why does he say, ‘Even if he commits a crime, it’s OK? Maybe he needs to go to jail, too,” she added.

When the CNN reporter asked Hatch about the implications of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea for Trump, Hatch did say, “I don’t care. All I can say is, he’s doing a good job as president.”

However, he explained immediately afterward that the reason he did not care was that he did not personally believe Trump had committed any crimes.

As far as he is concerned, the narrative that Trump broke campaign finance laws is just more of the Democrats twisting the facts to suit their narrative.

Don’t Disagree with Me!

Behar has a long history of going off on people that don’t come to the same conclusions that she does.

She has repeatedly gotten into heated debates with her fellow panel members over political issues.

Most recently, she went off on co-host Meghan McCain during a live episode.

While Behar tried to use a discussion of George H.W. Bush’s funeral as a Trump-bashing platform, McCain reminded her that the day was about Bush, not Trump.

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Within minutes, the producers were forced to cut to a commercial because of the heated exchange between the two.

As the show cut to break, you could still see Behar moving her hands angrily. She also reportedly called McCain a b**** while they were off-air.

We just have to wonder — how much longer will viewers put up with Behar — or The View?

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