Joy Behar says Democrats should ‘ignore everything’ about Cuomo, wait for scandals to go away

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is beset by two major scandals of his own making — the COVID-related nursing home death toll and allegations of sexual harassment — with the harassment allegations garnering the majority of the media’s coverage.

If it were up to Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s The View, the media wouldn’t even be covering the allegations at all, as she suggested that Democrats should “ignore everything” related to the claims and wait for the scandal to blow over, Fox News reported.

Behar claimed her advice was based on what she described as the typical “Republican playbook” in terms of responding to accusations of sexual misconduct.

“Basically ignore everything” about Cuomo

In a discussion regarding the allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo, co-host Ana Navarro referenced a recent clip of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) touting the “Republican model” for dealing with a scandal, which was to pause and wait for an investigation prior to rushing to judgment.

“The Republican model is to look away and look the other way and play dumb on the accusations against Donald Trump,” Navarro said, though she went on to indicate that she believes Cuomo’s accusers but would “wait for the full investigation to come out and see what the truth is.”

When asked to weigh in on Graham’s “Republican model,” Behar said, “Well, yes, I do agree with them they should use the Republican model, which is to basically ignore everything like they did with (Supreme Court Justice Brett) Kavanaugh, they had no witnesses, they had a three-day investigation.”

She then mentioned other allegations of sexual misconduct against figures in the Republican Party including former Trump aide Rob Porter and former Alabama judge and Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Behar has it backward

“I mean, the Republican playbook is, let’s hope that this goes away, and let’s not really go into it,” Behar said. “So he’s right. We should use the Republican playbook because the Democrats do the opposite.”

“A case in point, (former Minnesota Senator) Al Franken, Senator (Kirsten) Gillibrand (D-NY), ‘off with his head’ immediately, you know, he needs to resign, and a lot of Democrats got behind it,” she continued.

“Now I noticed she’s changed her tune. Now she’s taking the Republican playbook to heart,” Behar added of Gillibrand in regard to Cuomo. “Well, let’s investigate this time. Let’s see what the allegation comes to. So, yes, good, thank you, Lindsey.”

Of course, Behar was being rather disingenuous in pointing out the one example of an accused Democrat being quickly pushed off stage, neglecting to mention all of the other accusations, including against Joe Biden, that have been completely ignored by the media and the Democratic Party.

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