The View’s Joy Behar admits she’d lie in debate over Trump: ‘Why would you stick with facts?’

Nobody expects true journalism from the set of The View, but basic facts would be nice.

But apparently, that will not be the case moving forward — at least not for Joy Behar, who admitted she is not above using false stats and emotion to try to move people away from President Donald Trump.

“Why would you stick with facts when they’re all about alternative facts?” Joy Behar asked fellow co-host Meghan McCain, a conservative.

Stick to the Facts

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar have only one thing in common: they both despise Donald Trump.

But as a conservative at heart, McCain has already had some epic battles with the overtly liberal Behar during her short time on The View.

While most of their battles revolve around political ideology, this argument was about reporting both fact and fiction.

Behar was purposely distorting facts over funding for the Special Olympics getting cut. McCain took exception to this.

When asked why she would “stick with facts” by Behar, McCain shot back that she’s better than that: “Because I hold myself to a different standard than they do. And the second I go low with this administration is the second I lose my credibility and my character, and I will not do it.”

Behar then blatantly admitted she will use emotion and made up facts to make her own case.

“This is an emotional issue,” Behar said. “You don’t want people running the country who have no sympathy or empathy for the poor and disabled.”

Fake News

While The View would fall into the category of an opinion show, the hosts still have a duty to base their opinions on facts, not made-up events.

From this point forward, it is painfully clear that anything starting from The View can no longer be taken seriously. Behar has admitted that she is willing to lie to her viewers and take advantage of their emotion rather than tell them the truth.

“You know, one of the ways that Donald Trump won is to be emotional and not give facts,” Behar said in apparent defense of herself. But that argument doesn’t hold water.

In fact, President Trump has made good on almost all of his promises — and he still has six years to go.

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