Before his speech, Biden is seen creepily beelining toward a young girl

February 5, 2023
Adam Zientek

President Joe Biden pulled a girl on stage during an event in Philadelphia on Friday, creating yet another viral video involving a young child.

In addition to having "creepy Joe" trending again due to his strange behavior with the child, Biden's speech was notable for both his inability to pronounce the word "recalibration" and his failure to mention the alleged Chinese spy balloon that is currently over U.S. airspace, according to The Western Journal.

“I want you to know, baby, you did so much for so many kids,” Biden said after getting the young girl on stage.

“You’re changing the lives of thousands and thousands of millions of kids in America. So we owe you a big round of applause. And I love your earrings.”

Here is a summary of Joe Biden's most infamous forays into questionable behavior around children, in case you are unfamiliar with his style, both before and during his presidency.


You may recall that during the 2020 campaign, one of the first problems that threatened to sink Biden's campaign was his inability to respect personal space and boundaries, particularly with women.

During a rally in 2014, Lucy Flores, a former Democratic state representative from Nevada, claimed that Biden had inappropriately invaded her personal space.

Following that charge, more videos of Biden's interactions with women and kids circulated on social media. In a sort of sort of not-really apology, Biden stated that he was aware that "social norms are changing" and that he had to adapt to these changes:

His style is not something he has been required to speak for, however as the liberal media seems to come up with all sorts of excuses to refute Flores' claims, such as actress and #MeToo activist Alyssa Milano's explanation that Biden came from a "super-affectionate" family.

Social media response

While the left might be willing to defend him, the video duly frightened the rest of Twitter.

He continues to be "super-affectionate" in amusing ways that are completely counterproductive to his cause, despite the fact that he is aware that those pesky "social mores are changing."

Democrats, though, could have hope as it is possible Biden can use it to his advantage in some way. George W. Bush did, after all, have "No Child Left Behind." That sounds like a 2024 election slogan to me. No Child Left Alone, says Biden.

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