Report: Barron Trump on track to set White House height record

It is rumored that the Trump administration is about to set another record — but this one actually has nothing at all to do with the president himself.

Instead, it is Barron Trump who may have his name in the record books for being the tallest person to have ever lived in the White House, the Washington Examiner reports.

Unseating Abraham Lincoln

One of the greatest presidents in the history of this country currently holds the record for being the tallest resident of the people’s house.

Abraham Lincoln stood at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches, but Barron Trump, who was barely over 5 feet tall when his father was sworn into office, has had quite the growth spurt over the last several years.

During a recent outing with his father, Barron stood next to the president and appeared to have a bit of an edge over his 6-foot-3-inch father.

At only 13 years old, Barron still has plenty of room to grow, and if this growth spurt continues, he will surely exceed 6 foot 4, if he hasn’t already. According to Trump biographer Doug Wead, Barron may, in fact, end up being the tallest member of his entire family.

Coming into his own

Growing up in the White House is never easy, but it is most likely even more difficult for Barron as the son of the most controversial president in recent history.

He is old enough to be aware of what the media is saying about his father, and even though he is only 13, certain members of the media have no qualms about attacking him personally — despite the unwritten rule that adolescent residents of the White House should be exempt from political attacks.

Somehow, he seems to remain unfazed, though, and he appears to be coming into his own despite all the attention he gets.

Barron recently changed his hairstyle, as he is no doubt carving his own identity as he approaches high school. He is also reportedly quite a good soccer player.

If he continues to sprout up like this, however, he may want to consider switching to basketball.

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