Report: Barron Trump and family leave the White House for Thanksgiving vacation

The Trumps are headed out of D.C. for the holidays.

After pardoning the traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey, the president, first lady, and their son Barron left the White House to head to Mar-a-Lago for the holiday.

A much-needed break

The news cycle over the last few weeks has been more than a bit tortuous for the president and his family.

Trump has been under constant pressure ever since CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta lost his press pass after disrespecting the president, a White House intern, and his fellow journalists at a widely televised press conference.

Since then, the media has gone out of its way to find negative stories on Trump and blow up the news cycle with them.

As bad as things have been, though, President Trump kept it very light-hearted when he did the traditional pardoning before Thanksgiving for one lucky turkey.

Addressing the Issues

Prior to leaving, however, Trump wanted to address a couple of issues that have made headlines recently.

With Democrats stating that they were going to have Ivanka investigated for her personal email usage, the president wanted to provide some clarity on the situation.

He told the media: “Just so you understand, early and for a little period of time, Ivanka did some emails.”

“They weren’t classified like Hillary Clinton,” he added. “The weren’t deleted like Hillary Clinton. She wasn’t doing that to hide her emails.”

When asked about Michael Avenatti’s arrest, the president, smirking, quipped: “I wish him the best of luck.”

Finally, Trump addressed the issue of Facebook bias.

“[Chuck] Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook, which I just found out today,” he said. “And if you look at what Facebook’s been doing, they have some real explaining to do.”

“How are they so Democrat oriented?” the president added. “All of them.”

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And then off he went off with his family to enjoy his holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mr. President. Enjoy the quiet, because you know it will not last for long.

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