Barron Trump Targeted by Threatening Signs at Anti-Gun Rally

Are there really no bounds in today’s political climate?

Liberals sunk to a new low this past weekend, creating a sign with a child in cross-hairs that read: Send Barron to Parkland.

The New Liberal Rule of Law

There has always been an unspoken rule about underage children in the White House…


Adult children of presidents, be it right or wrong, have always been fair game.

However, even the slimiest of the slimy have somehow managed to avoid attacking underage children no matter how much they hated the sitting president.

When Obama was in office, as much as he was attacked by conservatives for his unconstitutional ways, there were never any outright attacks against his children.

The only story that comes to mind was an actual news story about one of his daughters getting exposed for having smoked marijuana, but that was a news story, not gossip, and definitely not hate mongering.

One classless liberal seemed to forget the rules, putting up a sign (which is about 24 seconds into the video below) insinuating Barron be put in front of a bullet.

The Wrong Message

Liberals continue to get this entire debacle wrong.

No conservative wants to see children become victims during a school shooting.

But, if you believe liberals, that is exactly what conservatives are advocating.

Conservatives are trying to find the cause and address it. Liberals want to take away the tool, which can and will be replaced, by banning guns.

The case for banning guns has gotten so out of control that a former Justice has actually recommending repealing the Second Amendment altogether.

Learn from History

History has taught us very valuable lessons, and those are lessons that should not be ignored now.

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Along with those very tough lessons, we also know giving up a piece of a right with legislation ultimately results in legislators creating more and more legislation until they have banned it outright.

If we give liberals even the smallest piece of the Second Amendment today, they will strip it completely out of the Constitution before we know it.

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