Barron Trump spotted wearing stylish red coat as family prepares for getaway

Barron Trump is starting to turn heads.

The youngest Trump is sprouting like a weed and apparently has his mother’s fashion sense, as he was spotted in a rather stylish red coat as the Trump family left snowy Washington for warmer temperatures over the weekend.

Take a look:

Family Vacation

The Trump family never got to celebrate Christmas or the New Year with their father due to the government shutdown. While the rest of the family went to Mar-a-Lago, the president stayed behind hoping Democrats would come to the table to discuss border security.

As it turned out, the president missed his family’s holiday celebration for nothing, as Dems never had any intention of working through the legislation with him. But Trump didn’t let their games stop him from enjoying family time this winter.

The first lady, the president, and young Barron all hopped on Air Force One this weekend to head to Florida for a few days in the sun.

Growing Up Quick

Meanwhile, it is hard not to notice how quickly Barron is growing up.

Most Americans still remember the images of a very shy 10-year-old Barron being taken aback by the surreal events that led to his father becoming president. (His mouth often hung agape as he took in the inaugural events.)

While Barron’s life is still very much private, when we see him now, it is clear he is becoming a man. At 12, Barron even appears to be slightly taller than the president, who himself is already reportedly 6’3″.

Indeed, Barron’s previous awkwardness in public is quickly being replaced by a confident gait, and he seems to be getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera.

This is quite amazing considering that we have rarely, if ever, seen a child in the White House have so much negativity aimed at them by the press.

Barron is clearly a young man with a bright future ahead of him. The only question now is if he will follow his father in business and politics or go the route chosen by his mother and become a fashion icon.

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