Leftists erroneously use Barron Trump as example in debate over birthright citizenship

As reported on controversial, self-described “fact-checking” site Snopes, commentators on the left have launched yet another unfortunate line of attack on the Trump family involving the president’s youngest son Barron.

This particular salvo is embodied in a tweet suggesting that if President Donald Trump succeeded in revoking the principle of birthright citizenship, his own son would be rendered a non-citizen:

Those claiming this proposition as truth cite the fact that Barron Trump’s birth occurred in March of 2006, four months before his mother Melania became a citizen.

Proposed executive action at heart of debate

The ill-conceived assertions regarding Barron Trump’s citizenship were sparked by the president’s recent comments indicating his plan to sign an executive order eliminating the right to U.S. citizenship for children of non-citizens as well as illegal immigrants born on American soil.

The principle of birthright citizenship, stemming from the 14th Amendment to the constitution, encompasses the idea that all children born within the borders of the United States become American citizens at birth, no matter the nationalities of their parents.

Fundamentally flawed argument

Despite these efforts to play “gotcha” with President Trump in relation to his stated policy preferences, the application of the birthright citizenship concepts to Barron misses the mark entirely.

United States Citizenship and Naturalization regulations provide that even a child born outside of the country is an American citizen at birth if one parent is classified as a foreign national, as long as the other parent is a U.S. Citizen who has been physically present in America for no less than 5 years.

Clearly, Barron Trump was an American citizen at birth, given that he was born in the United States and his father had been present in the U.S. far longer than the five years required.

Interestingly, the same analysis applies to the citizenship status of Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, all of whom were born prior to their mother Ivana becoming an American citizen.

Latest in a series of smears

The aforementioned comments regarding Barron Trump’s citizenship status are just the latest in a disgraceful string of attempts from the left to use the president’s young son as a propaganda pawn.

It is worth recalling that earlier this year, aging Hollywood actor Peter Fonda authored a tweet calling for 12-year old Barron to be separated from his mother and put “in a cage with pedophiles.”

Chelsea Clinton’s rebuke

The seemingly relentless negativity hurled toward the president and his family in recent years has even caught the attention and disdain of former first daughter Chelsea Clinton who rightly demanded that “the media and everyone” back off from publicly criticizing an innocent child who deserves to remain off limits:

At long last, an opinion from Ms. Clinton with which it is impossible to disagree.

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