Barron Trump to stay home while President and First Lady visit UK

For the first time in recent memory, Melania Trump is leaving young Barron Trump behind.

It was just revealed that the First Lady will be traveling without Barron Trump for a visit to the UK scheduled for later this month. According to reports, Barron will remain at home to attend his classes.

Mother Bear No More?

Throughout the Trump family’s time in the White House, a recurring theme has been Melania’s prioritization of Barron above all else.

On numerous state trips, Melania has let the President go alone to stay behind and care for Barron.

For now-13-year-old Barron, the pattern seems to be changing.

Obviously not old enough to care for himself but old enough to not be emotionally harmed by her absence, the First Lady has elected to leave her son behind during a lengthy trip to the UK with the President.

It Actually Makes Sense

Melania Trump, by all accounts, has done a phenomenal job keeping Barron protected from the media circus surrounding the family.

Barron can now deal with his mother’s absence far better than he could just a few years ago, and the UK trip happens to land right in the middle of the school year.

It is far more important for Barron to maintain his schedule and classes than it would be for him to accompany the First Lady and President on such a lengthy trip.

Even though Barron will remain behind, Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric, and Don Jr. are all expected to make the trip overseas to join their father.

Before anyone starts accusing Melania of being a bad mother, it is actually customary to leave the children at home to continue school during such trips such as this one.

And yes, even the Obamas left their daughters in school while they traveled abroad on political business.

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