Barron Trump caught making faces, first lady Melania corrects him

As the youngest child of President Donald Trump, Barron Trump gets quite a bit of attention for a boy of his age, and though he is incredibly well-behaved for the most part, he is still just a 12-year-old boy that happens to be growing up under the intense glare of the international media spotlight.

In light of that, it shouldn’t be all that surprising when cameras should happen to catch him momentarily acting like a pre-teen boy, or catch his mother — first lady Melania Trump — correcting his misbehavior as any mother would.

That appears to be what occurred recently as the Trumps exited Air Force One following a trip.

Boys will be boys

Walking amid a large group including his parents, numerous administration officials, staffers, and Secret Service agents, young Barron was caught by the cameras making goofy faces and sticking his tongue out.

Reportedly tipped off to her son’s behavior by nearby Secret Service agents, the first lady turned around and instructed him to stop, which the boy promptly did.

Watch below:

Much ado about nothing

Some social media users dismissed Barron’s actions as no big deal, with some saying the boy was “adorable” while others expressed their desire for the media to just leave him alone.

Similarly, some commenters defended the quick corrective word to her son from the first lady — just a mom being a mom — and also suggested the media needed to leave the first lady alone when it came to how she was raising her son.

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All in all, this was just a rather cute moment between the first lady and her son, one that could easily be seen playing out exactly the same way between any mother and son at an airport, church or shopping mall across the country.

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