Sen. Barrasso calls Biden ‘out of touch’ and ‘tone-deaf’ on economic pain of record inflation and gas prices

Despite positive spin and reassurances from President Joe Biden and his administration, most Americans sense that the economy is teetering on the edge of collapse and may soon come crumbling down under the weight of record-high gas prices and inflation, which are, at least in part, due to the president’s policy agenda.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) recently diagnosed President Biden as being “completely out of touch” and “tone-deaf” about the economic pain that millions of American families are feeling right now under his “inflationary economy,” Fox Business reported.

Of course, Biden and his acolytes have sought to use any and every possible excuse in the book — from greedy oil companies to Russian President Vladimir Putin — to try and convince the American people that the president and his policies are somehow not at all responsible for the rapidly rising record prices for consumer goods and gasoline.

Biden is “tone-deaf to the pain that he is causing”

The Wyoming senator joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Thursday and declared, “The Democrats are going to get wiped out in November because they have wiped out the savings, as well as the paychecks, of the American people. Gasoline will soon be $5 a gallon and there is no end in sight.”

“People at home in Wyoming say, is the president completely out of touch like he was with infant formula or does he want high gas prices?” Barrasso continued.

He argued that Biden and some Democrats do want high gas prices — and pointed to several domestic energy production-related policy decisions as evidence — as part of a broader plan to hasten a transition of the American people from fossil fuel-reliant internal combustion engine vehicles to all-electric vehicles, which the senator noted typically cost around $50,000.

“Families cannot afford that. They can’t even afford to put food on the table under this Joe Biden inflationary economy with 40-year high inflation,” Barrasso said. “This is a president who is out of touch with the American people and tone-deaf to the pain that he is causing people all across this country.”

Biden’s “double whammy” of record inflation and gas prices

Sen. Barrasso issued a similar message Friday in a statement he issued in response to the just-released news that the Consumer Price Index numbers for the month of May showed that inflation had risen by 8.6 percent year-over-year for that period.

“Americans woke up today to a double whammy of record inflation and record gas prices,” Barrasso said. “The average price of gas is nearing $5 per gallon nationwide. The cost of everyday goods remains at a four-decade high. Prices that were once unimaginable are now reality.”

“Too many people are putting off new purchases and cutting back because they cannot afford everything they once could. Gas tanks and wallets are running on empty,” the senator continued.

“The president is completely out of touch about the real impacts of his price hikes. Families who were once getting ahead are now just trying to get by in today’s economy,” Barrasso added. “Joe Biden owns this record inflation, and American families can’t afford his spin.”

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