Bill Barr unveils new commission to study law enforcement, justice system

If you have listened to Attorney General Bill Barr speak at length, you know of his passion for how local law enforcement interacts with the community. And now, he’s doing something about it.

According to The Epoch Times, Barr announced Wednesday the convening of a new commission to address “problems confronting law enforcement that impact their ability to police in the community.”

The group will be called The Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, the Times reported.

A long time coming

For his part, President Donald Trump has always been a huge advocate for local law enforcement officers, many of whom have been treated horrifically in recent years.

Most conservatives would put the blame for that behavior on the Obama administration and Democrats, who regularly railed against law enforcement for most of the last decade.

But now, Trump’s administration is acting to fix the problem.

A commission of this sort has long been in the works, and Trump made it official in October with an executive order tasking Barr with the development and formation of the commission.

It has taken Barr a few months to get his ducks lined up, but now, he is finally ready to get this project rolling.

A joint effort

Based on the guidelines we have seen so far, this commission is likely going to work with local communities to dissect the interactions between officers and citizens, as well as problems plaguing law enforcement professionals. At the top of that list will surely be officer suicide rates, which have seen all-time highs in recent months.

“This commission is critical not only because it is timely, but also because few callings are more essential to the strength and prosperity of our nation than that of law enforcement,” Barr said Wednesday, according to The Epoch Times.

He went on: “It is the rule of law that is fundamental to ensuring both freedom and security and it is our more than 900,000 men and women on the beat every day who uphold the rule of law.”

The commission must get to work quickly, though, as the executive order has a deadline of Oct. 28, 2020, one year from the date it was first signed.

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