Ilhan Omar attacks Trump over alleged increase in hate crimes

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has latched onto a Washington Post report from March which claimed hate crimes in counties where 2016 Trump rallies were held increased by more than 200 percent.

It’s a reversal of Attorney General William Barr’s April statement to Congress that he “hadn’t seen any data” supporting an increase in hate crimes tied to the Trump administration years.

The Washington Post’s controversial report

In March, the WaPo published a private study that went to considerable effort to link Trump to the uptick in violence in these cities.

However, there were some noticeable holes in the report that have to be discussed to prove just how unrealistic these numbers are.

For instance, the report does not take into account Antifa protests and violence. Point being, the hate crimes could have been against blacks, whites, Hispanics, Jews, liberals, or conservatives. The study does not account for this at all.

The sensitivity to hate crimes has also increased due to fervent media coverage, which could likely encourage the reporting of incidents which previously might not have been reported as crimes.

The National Review’s Robert Verbruggen also pointed out that “a ‘226 percent’ increase in hate crimes may be a rather tiny number for the typical county that hosted a Trump rally, depending on its size. We can’t really say because the authors don’t provide the actual number of hate crimes the rallies allegedly caused.”

Furthermore, there simply is no proof that it was Trump’s presence that created additional violence in these cities. The report is very presumptuous in its effort to make Trump the responsible party for the hate crimes.

Giving Dems a Pass

Trump has made his fair share of inflammatory statements, but nobody is holding the Dems accountable for what they are saying.

Imagine you are an out-of-work middle-class father with a family of five to feed. Now imagine that person just lost his job because the company moved to Mexico or replaced higher-paid workers with under-the-table workers that are illegal immigrants.

While this man is struggling through this situation, with no idea how he is going to be able to pay his bills, he hears Democrats during a debate speaking Spanish, a language that he cannot understand.

He also hears how these same Democrats want to make it a priority to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship and entitlement program benefits, including free health care.

Do you not think those words stoke anger, resentment, and hatred? The point here is that you simply cannot blame one side without considering the other, especially in this political climate. Numbers can be bent to make any point the researcher wants in some cases, and that is clearly the case here.

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