Barr says Trump a 'horror show' who can't 'deliver Trump policies'

May 6, 2023
Jen Krausz

Former President Donald Trump's attorney general Bill Barr said during a media event in Cleveland, Ohio that he didn't think another term as president was going to be a good thing for the country. 

When Geraldo Rivera asked Barr if he thought Trump was fit for the presidency, Barr with vitriol toward his former boss.

For people who believe in the policies Trump espouses, Barr said, Trump is "the last person who could actually execute them and achieve them."

His comments were a damning indictment on the former president and may be one of the best arguments so far from his critics on the right for why Trump should not be president.

"Horror show"

Barr went on to say that Trump doesn't have the "discipline," the capacity for "linear thinking or setting priorities, ah, or how to get things done in the system. It is a horror show ... when he's left to his own devices."

Barr continued, "You may want his policies. But Trump will not deliver Trump policies. He will deliver chaos, and, if anything lead to a backlash that will set his policies much further back than they otherwise would be."

Barr is a Republican, and he and Trump seemed to get along great until Barr refused to help him delay voter certification to try to prove that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

At that point, Trump turned on Barr and things got ugly. There's been antipathy between them ever since.

Another Trump presidency would be a "tragedy"

Barr now says he is adamantly against Trump, and thinks it would be a "tragedy" for him to be president again.

While Trump is by far the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, there are some other candidates in the race.

Former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson, and tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy are all officially in the race, but polling in single digits in most polls.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is widely expected to enter the race this month and is polling 20 to 30 points behind Trump in most polls.

A lot can happen

The Republican base backs Trump, but it is not clear whether he would have enough support in the general population to be elected in 2024.

In the latest Rassmussen poll, Trump had a seven-point lead over President Joe Biden,  but a lot can happen and change before November 2024 when general election ballots are typically cast.

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