Roseanne Barr returns to stand-up with Andrew Dice Clay

Ever since Roseanne Barr got booted off her own show, “Roseanne,” we haven’t heard much from her professionally.

That all changed Saturday night in Las Vegas at the Laugh Factory, when comedian Andrew Dice Clay paused his show to let Barr get some mic time.

Performance Jitters

According to Clay, Barr was more than a bit nervous about getting back up on stage again. She was apparently just attending the show to see Dice perform.

Clay had been alerted by the owner of the club that Barr had just walked in, so he stopped the show and brought her right up on stage.

The fans welcomed her, giving her an enthusiastic round of applause.

And once the laughs started, Barr apparently fell right back into her old routine and gave a knockout performance.

She and Clay even finished up the night with a little dance routine.

Can She Come Back?

Everyone wanted to know if Barr will ever be able to come back from her racist tweet fiasco.

As far as TV goes, she has remained untouchable.

However, based off Saturday night, it might behoove Barr to get back to working the comedy circuit.

If she is able to prove to the networks that fans have forgiven her, it will probably not be all that long before another TV show comes her way.

Well, maybe not, she is a conservative after all.

We forgot, Hollywood only has a short memory when it comes to liberals’ misdeeds.

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