Barr resurfaces with speech decrying progressive indoctrination within public schools

Former U.S. Attorney General William Barr left office months ago, but it does not appear that he intends to stay entirely out of the media spotlight.

In his first public speech since departing from the Trump administration, he held little back in expressing his opposition to the leftist influence in the nation’s public education system, Fox News reported.

“The time has come”

His remarks on the subject came during his appearance at the Council for National Policy’s annual gathering, where he received an award from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Barr was particularly harsh on what he dubbed the “secular progressive orthodoxy through government-run schools.”

The former AG called into question the constitutionality of federal funding for schools amid the “disaster” he claims they have become.

Of course, his remarks come as more and more parents are becoming wary of the curriculum and lessons being taught in many of the nation’s public schools.

“The time has come to admit that the approach of giving militantly secularist government schools a monopoly over publicly funded education has become a disaster,” Barr declared.

“It doesn’t have to be this way”

He went on to argue that the public school system’s shift away from religion dictates that “it may no longer be fair, practical, or even constitutional to provide publicly funded education solely through the vehicle of state-funded schools.”

In fact, the former attorney general suggested that the “progressive climate of our state-run educational system” poses the “greatest threat to religious liberty in America today.”

As for specific themes and subjects being taught to the nation’s students, Barr said he believes some lessons related to gender fluidity and sexuality are “not established science” and claimed it represents the “moral, psychological, metaphysical dogma of the new orthodoxy.”

Barr’s speech concluded with a call to action for parents and teachers to take immediate action against the progressive indoctrination he asserted is being conducted in classrooms across the U.S.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” he said. “Public funding of education does not require that instruction must be delivered by means of government-operated schools. The alternative is to have public funds travel with each student, allowing the student and the parents to choose the school.”

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