Former AG Holder wants current Attorney General Bill Barr removed from post

Barack Obama’s former attorney general is creating quite a stir in the media.

Eric Holder is claiming that current Attorney General William Barr purposely misled everyone on the Mueller report and should be removed immediately from the post.


If there was ever an Attorney General that was put in place to protect a president, it was Eric Holder.

Holder faced charges of contempt himself for his role in the Fast and Furious scandal. For more than 400 days, Congress begged him to turn over documentation.

Holder refused and was found to be in contempt by the Republican House.

Holder would also once state, “I’m still the president’s wingman…I’m there with my boy.” Now, if that is not fully admitting the highest-ranking member of the Justice Department is not protecting the president, what is?

Barr and the Mueller Report

Democrats continue to get stuck on calling the initial Barr letter to Congress a summary report. Barr, however, has been very clear it was NOT a summary report.

It was a brief letter to inform Congress of the conclusions that were reached within the report itself. Holder has jumped on that train, recently publishing a tweet calling for the removal of Barr…

Now Holder is claiming that Barr investigating the origins of the Russia probe are reason enough to remove Barr and proof he is protecting the president.

I have said this before but it obviously bears saying again: Barr is merely seeking justice here.

He wants to get to the bottom of an investigation that could potentially have turned into a coup against Trump. The fact that Trump supports that investigation is irrelevant.

Holder, like most Democrats, is nervous. He is nervous because he knows his “boy” was probably complicit in this entire debacle and at the very least, it is going to leave a big, nasty stain on Obama’s legacy.

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