Attorney General William Barr ramps up probe into origins of Mueller investigation

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has been let loose to go after the Deep State. Now, he is striking at the core of the bureaucracy by investigating the circumstances underlying the Russia collusion hoax, Reuters explains.

Finally, the people who tried to undermine President Trump for purely political reasons can face justice. The clear abuse of power that led to the Mueller investigation needs to be fixed.

Investigating the investigators

The Russia collusion hoax began on the shakiest of foundations and eventually evolved into what may go down in history as one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer dollars our country has ever seen.

The circumstances that led to the start of the Trump–Russia probe remain the subject of countless questions and rampant speculation. Bill Barr has not been shy about going after the answers to those questions, and with the Democrat impeachment movement beginning to fizzle, Bill Barr can focus on getting to the truth.

Barr has been reaching out to several foreign countries that were involved in the original rumors that prompted the whole investigation, according to Reuters. Australia and Italy are already reported to be cooperating with his efforts.

Barr’s current investigation comes alongside Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s separate but related investigation into whether the FBI followed proper procedures in procuring permission to monitor then-Trump adviser Carter Page.

The biggest question many still have has to do with when we might hear from Christopher Steele, the source of the infamous dossier, which was ultimately debunked.

That dossier led to the FBI getting a warrant to electronically monitor the Trump campaign.

Likely won’t cooperate

Steele will almost certainly lawyer up. The implications of the dossier could take a lot of people down, and he’s in the crosshairs.

The FBI knew there was no proof for the dossier’s claims, yet they were given warrants anyway.

This goes all the way back to the top. The Obama administration was no friend of Trump’s and had the motive to use its power to facilitate spying on Trump’s campaign.

These rumors and questions have swirled for far too long, and it is time for a real investigation and real answers, and Barr isn’t afraid to stick his neck out to get things done for the American people.

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