AG Barr drafting legislation to speed executions of mass shooters

Over the last decade, mass shootings have been happening at an alarming rate.

In an effort to deter those even considering such a horrific deed, Attorney General William Barr is working with lawmakers to expedite the executions of mass shooters.

Expediting Capital Punishment

The profile for mass shooters has changed somewhat significantly over the last few years. In the past, mass shooters tended to be individuals with some type of issue or cause to which they wanted to draw attention, and they were committed to dying in carrying out their mission.

Today, mass shooters are trending younger and younger and seem to be more intent generating the sort of media notoriety such acts can produce.

The El Paso shooter is a perfect example of this. At only 21 years old, he wrote a manifesto and published it prior to carrying out his attack in El Paso.

While he claimed he would not live in the course of carrying out his mission, he readily gave himself up once police had the upper hand.

For taking so many innocent lives, he should be put to death as soon as possible, and that will be the focus of this legislation.

Debating Gun Laws

The new package being put together in cooperation between the Justice Department and lawmakers on Capitol Hill will be part of the upcoming discussion on changing the country’s gun laws. At the forefront of the discussions will be expanded background checks and red flag laws.

Throughout the tragedies and resulting controversy, the NRA has been relatively quiet, actually suggesting that it would be willing to work with President Trump and Congress on some of this legislation.

The fact, though, is that many of the gun laws on the books already are not enforced, and most Republicans believe those existing regulations could make a bigger difference than writing more legislation.

As part of the liberal push to empty out prisons, violent criminals are being let back out on the streets. Cities like Dallas have even implemented new guidelines to decline prosecution of certain offenses, providing little resistance to petty thieves, which in turn is encouraging crime and more violence in the streets.

Democrats need to stop looking at the weapon as the culprit and start diagnosing the actual problem, or all the gun laws in the world will not change what is going on in this country right now.

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