Roseanne Barr announces that she’s leaving Twitter, then says she might stay

A powerful voice that is an ally of President Trump’s has just been silenced.

Roseanne Barr has announced she is leaving Twitter.

Suddenly Silent

Barr has been a huge advocate for President Trump.

More often than not, her support has been voiced in Twitter, much to the chagrin of liberals.

With that support, though, came many enemies.

It was not unusual for one of her tweets about Trump to be met with tens of thousands of angry responses.

Perhaps her enemies finally wore her down or…

ABC Nixes Trump Supporting Character

Barr may have considered ending her social media profile for fear of what may have been coming her way.

ABC leadership has decided that having a pro-Trump character is not good for business.

The network announced that in the upcoming season, the show would have less of a political theme.

Roseanne was often celebrated by Trump supporters for having the guts to put her show on the line by openly supporting Trump.

Bowing down to the network bigwigs would more than likely promote more than a bit of backlash from conservatives.


Another reason for her disgust of Twitter may have been rooted to anti-Semitism.

As you may recall, that is why Barr reportedly stopped using Facebook several years ago.

Not So Fast

After weighing all options, Barr then apparently decided to keep her account active…

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And, while the network appears to be silencing her personal political views, she is still fairly vocal about her support for the President and Israel.

By noon on Sunday, Roseanne had already sent out several tweets and retweets with a conservative slant, so she does not appear ready to back down just yet.

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