AG Bill Barr investigating Obama-era origins of Russia probe

Now that the special counsel’s probe has come to an end, the focus has begun to shift from the investigated to the investigators, with many people wanting to know how the entire process started in the first place.

It is now clear that Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department is taking a closer look at the actions of his predecessors in the Obama administration to determine if their conduct at every stage of the Russia probe was within the bounds of law.

Barr examining history of Steele dossier

One America News Network reporter Jack Posobiec spoke with former Bush administration official Ned Ryun about the latest developments, which according to Ryun, involve the task of determining the true origins of the information contained in the now-infamous Steele dossier.

Ryun stated his suspicion that the Steele dossier was largely and knowingly comprised of purposeful Russian disinformation and suggested that part of what Barr would be exploring was whether subsequent government use of the dossier constituted abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

During the exchange it was noted that Obama-era officials such as fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were already on record under oath asserting that there would not have been any FISA warrants issued to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016 absent the dossier.

Signs point to Obama administration

Ryun’s primary question in all this was “how high does this go,” in terms of the Obama White House.

“You can’t tell me with a straight face that somebody inside the West Wing didn’t know, at least had knowledge of this, and the question is, what did they know and when, and did they give their approval for what took place,” Ryun said.

“I think the reason the left is so terrified of Bill Barr is because he wants to get to the bottom of it. The left knows where it will lead. It will lead to the head of our intelligence community, it will lead to the head of our law enforcement communities, and I think it will lead to the West Wing of the Obama administration,” he added.

Watch the entire discussion below:

IG report still to come

Posobiec asked what Ryun thought would be Barr’s next steps over the next year, and Ryun replied that Barr’s next move would likely be dependent upon the findings of the pending report on alleged FISA court abuse that will soon be released by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

That report could quite possibly lead to the appointment of a designated prosecutor inside the DOJ with the power to empanel grand juries and issue indictments. Ryun further asserted that if alleged wrongdoers are not held accountable in a “reckoning,” our civil liberties will have essentially been replaced by the powers of a police state.

It has become obvious to those following along that the left’s debunked Russian collusion narrative originated within or with the approval of the Obama administration, and it is high time that those who promulgated the tale with the intention of destroying Donald Trump face real consequences for their actions.

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