Bill Barr exposes George Soros’ latest plan: Report

For years, conservatives have been warning about the dangers of liberal billionaire George Soros.

Finally, someone in our government is listening. Attorney General William Barr just pulled the trigger on exposing the most recent plan by Soros to take over this country.

The conspiracy is real

George Soros has been quietly taking over this country one small piece at a time. His team has been identifying cities, counties, and districts with low voter turnout to systematically put the people in place who will help him further his own agenda.

Soros invested millions into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid, but she failed him. That did not stop Soros, though, as he has continued his mission of a quiet takeover by continuing to capture local offices throughout the country.

For the most part, these allegations have been treated as a conspiracy theory, until now. Barr just legitimized all these concerns while appearing with Fox News’ Marth MacCallum.

“There’s this recent development [where] George Soros has been coming in, in largely Democratic primaries where there has not been much voter turnout and putting in a lot of money to elect people who are not very supportive of law enforcement and don’t view the office as bringing to trial and prosecuting criminals but pursuing other social agendas,” Barr said, according to Fox News.

He went on: “They have started to win a number of cities and they have, in my view, not given the proper support to the police.”

Disturbing trend

This trend bothers Barr, and it should. Barr said that if this continues, it could lead to police not policing their communities properly. This could be due to a lack of support from city leadership as well as the fact it is becoming more and more difficult for local police forces to find quality candidates.

When all you see in the news is local police officers being accused of excessive force and bogus racist allegations, why would anyone want to stick their head into that beehive?

The plan by Soros is a fairly basic but effective one. He is sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to his preferred candidates, often doubling and tripling their war chests. When his candidates win, they often put policies in play that will promote crime, creating more and more civil unrest.

For example, in one race, Soros’ PAC sent almost $1 million to his preferred candidates in total, when their opponents had not even raised $400,000 between them. That kind of financial disparity plays a huge role in situations like the example above; it helped two inexperienced Soros candidates defeat incumbents with six decades of legal experience between them.

The good news is that Barr is finally aware of the situation. Now, it just remains to be seen what is going to be done about it.

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