Ending speculation, Barr says he’d resign before firing Mueller without cause

President Donald Trump’s nominee for Attorney General just destroyed the narrative that Democrats have been using against him.

When asked if he would fire special counsel Robert Mueller, AG nominee William Barr said he would resign before he would unjustly fire him.

“I would resign rather than follow an order to terminate the special counsel without good cause,” Barr wrote in answer to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Shattered Narrative

Since the Mueller investigation was launched, the Democrats have accused Trump of trying to fire Mueller.

In fact, according to the media narrative, the fact that former attorney general Jeff Sessions would not fire Mueller was the primary reason Trump let him go.

As far as they are concerned, Trump sees the Justice Department as his own little toy.

Hopefully, Barr’s reassurance has put that narrative to rest for good now.

Wrap It Up Already

Barr maintains, as he should, that the Justice Department will be independent of the White House.

As far as Trump is concerned, we all know he wants this investigation wrapped up.

But we also know he has NEVER stated he wanted to fire Mueller.

While they have been rightfully critical of the investigation, the Trump legal team has also been very cooperative with Mueller.

Trump’s attorneys have turned over tens of thousands of documents in the hopes Mueller would be able to wrap it up.

To that point, while Barr may not fire Mueller, it would be very reasonable for him to tell him to get back to the task he was initially assigned, which was to find collusion, and end this investigation if he has no evidence.

Up till now, all that Mueller has been able to do is trip people up and indict them for lying under oath.

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In no way, shape, or form has Mueller been able to tie the Trump campaign to any acts of collusion with the Russians.

Let’s put this puppy to bed and move on. There’s plenty of real problems that need to be fixed.

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