Barr says DOJ has handed down ‘scores of indictments’ in wake of destructive riots

Protests soon turned into riots after video of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police was made public, and some demonstrators have been caught setting the streets of this country on fire — literally.

Americans have been wanting to know when justice will be served for all this destruction — and now, Attorney General Bill Barr has confirmed that it’s on the way. According to the Daily Caller, Barr said on a Thursday podcast episode that the Justice Department currently has hundreds of investigations underway and has handed down “scores of indictments so far for such things as arson [and] destruction of federal property” in the wake of the protests-turned-riots.

“We have right now about 500 investigations underway, so it’s picking up pace,” Barr said on Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s podcast, Verdict, according to the Daily Caller. “We are committed to holding accountable the people who engaged in this.”

“Organized activity”

Sadly, the federal government isn’t getting a lot of help in that regard.

According to Barr, “state and local are not doing their jobs.”

But that won’t stop the Trump administration from taking a stand against looters and rioters who are ransacking businesses and toppling states of historical American leaders across the nation.

“They want to tear down the country,” Barr said of the agitators, according to the Washington Examiner. “They are different than many traditional groups, and frequently, the signs of coordination and activity are very close to the event itself.

“It’s definitely organized activity,” Barr added.

“Not gonna happen”

Of course, protests in the wake of Floyd’s death were predictable. The 46-year-old Black man was killed on camera in a clip that horrified all Americans — in fact, it may have been one of the rare moments since President Donald Trump took office when everyone in the country was on the same page.

Those peaceful protests quickly turned to riots, however, and that is where the divide started to occur again. Republicans like Barr and Trump are calling for law and order — and they’re willing to do what it takes to get it.

According to the Examiner, Trump vowed Tuesday that “anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue, or other such federal property in the U.S.” could face “up to 10 years in prison.”

“I think many of the people that are knocking down these statues don’t even have any idea what the statue is, what it means, who it is,” Trump told reporters at a press conference the next day, according to the Examiner. “Now, they’re looking at Jesus Christ. They’re looking at George Washington. They’re looking at Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. Not gonna happen. Not gonna happen. Not as long as I’m here.”

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