Bill Barr cracks down on FBI procedure for opening new investigations

Now that the facts are all coming to light about the origins of the Trump–Russia collusion investigation, Attorney General Bill Barr has come to a stunning conclusion.

Moving forward, Barr has enacted a new rule that ends the FBI’s ability to launch major investigations such as this without being signed off by both the FBI director and the attorney general, The Washington Times reports.

A startling policy change

Obama-era FBI Director James Comey has changed the FBI forever, and not for the better. As more and more facts have come out, it has become apparent that rogue underlings were acting inappropriately, unchecked by Comey.

Comey was either complicit or completely ignorant of the biased activities happening during his watch, neither of which are acceptable excuses.

Either way, he deserves to have the book thrown at him for his actions, and he has left Barr with no other choice to add an additional check in the process to ensure something of this magnitude never happens again.

In the inspector general’s report that was released in early December, it was reported that numerous very impactful decisions during the course of the Trump–Russia investigation never made it to the desk of then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch or Director Comey.

Even so, Comey was surely aware of the actions taking place when he put his signature on not one, but four inappropriately obtained warrants issued against Carter Page, an aide at the time to the Trump campaign.

To prevent this situation from happening again, Barr announced last week: “The opening of a counterintelligence investigation of a presidential campaign would be something that the director of the FBI would have to sign off on and the attorney general would have to sign off on.”

Where does the blame lie?

While we can applaud the move by Barr to add another checkpoint to the process, this still does not answer the question as to whom is going to be made to pay for the various rogue actions that took place during the Russia collusion probe.

Comey may not have been the one to falsify the information on the 2016 warrants, but it was his show and his signature on the final submitted document. Due to the high-profile nature of the case, most people thought Comey would have taken a personal interest to ensure everything that took place during the process was on the up and up.

In fact, Comey himself recently admitted that there was “real sloppiness” in the way that the FBI obtained the warrants, so it is very easy to make a case Comey was negligent in his duties.

U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing investigation will surely shed more light on Comey’s mishandling of the investigation, and hopefully, Barr will do his duty and hold all those responsible for the debacle accountable.

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